Saturday, October 4, 2008

Numbers for this weekend

ideal 09/20/08 10/04/08
neck 43 39 39.25
chest 117 102 105.75
bicep 42 32.6 33.75
forearm 34 31.4 32.25
waist 82 95 95
hip 99
thigh 62 59.6 61.5
calf 40 40.5 41.13

percentages 90.7 91.28

87.18 90.38

77.62 80.36

92.35 94.85

115.85 115.85

0 98.99

96.13 99.19

101.25 102.81

I started a spreadsheet in OpenOffice, and it exports fairly well-formed HTML. Not bad for some free software written by a bunch of amateurs.

I even generated a nifty graph to visually illustrate my progress. Lame, eh?

I also managed to get an accurate measurement of my body fat percentage: 25.6. While this is distressingly high, the encouraging part is that I should be able to meet my weight goals without too much trouble. That works out to 51.6 pounds of glorious flab. If I set a target of 12.5%, I should end up anywhere between 175 and, uh, 200 pounds, depending on how much muscle I add. Which brings me to my next metric: body weight.

Today: 201. I gained weight. I realize this is desirable for some people, but I have to admit I find it somewhat discouraging. On the other hand, all the other numbers (save the waist measurement, which is as static as my weight) are encouraging. Decent gains on the chest and quad measurements, which brings me to my final metric. Miles in September: 300.66. It seems like a trivial number, but I saw measurable (hah!) gains.

I don't plan on tracking miles this month, as I just want to maintain lower body fitness, not add a bunch more muscle.

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